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Breast cancer: women with severe, chronic health issues screened less often than healthier women

Researcher finds women with "severe disability, multiple chronic conditions, low income and lower education" have fewer screens
Geoff Koehler

Women with severe disabilities and multiple chronic conditions are screened for breast cancer less often than women with no disabilities or no chronic conditions, a new study has found.

Promoting volunteerism, helping students excel: New College leadership program

Leadership Certificate Program looks to enhance students’ co-curricular record and academic abilities
Kaitlin Klaas with files from Liz Do

With September just around the corner, balancing academic and volunteer commitments will once again become a way of life for many U of T students.

With this in mind, New College has revamped its Leadership Certificate Program, to ensure students have the skills they need to excel at both.

Smog-producing toxins are down but GTA still violates Canada's ozone standards

Kim Luke

A new study shows that, while the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) has significantly reduced some of the toxins that contribute to smog, the city continues to violate the Canada-wide standards for ozone air pollution.

Smog, which can cause or aggravate health problems such as asthma, emphysema and chronic bronchitis, is produced by a set of complex photochemical reactions involving volatile organic compounds (VOCs), nitrogen oxides and sunlight, which form ground-level ozone.

Can't sleep? Blame these neurons

A “sleep switch” in the brain that helps explain why older people can't get a good night's rest
Michael Kennedy

New research led by University of Toronto neurologist Andrew Lim sheds light on sleep disruption in aging adults.

"In many older people with insomnia and other patterns of sleep disruption, the underlying cause is unknown,” said Lim, assistant professor of neurology and neuroscientist at Sunnybrook Health Sciences.

“We provide evidence that loss of neurons in a particular region of the brain that controls sleep may be an important contributor to insomnia in many older individuals.”

Why this U of T biotech entrepreneur made MIT’s Innovators Under 35 list

Engineering alumnus David He tapped for work on covert startup, Quanttus
Brianna Goldberg

David He finds himself in good company today: MIT Technology Review just named him to its list of Innovators Under 35.

It's a title the University of Toronto engineering alumnus shares with past honourees such as Larry Page and Sergey Brin (Google), Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), Jack Dorsey (Twitter) and Jonathan Ive (designer of the iPod and iPad), to name a few.

So what market disrupting innovation has He produced to get added to this list of game-changers?

Business Development Bank of Canada partners with U of T startup accelerator, Creative Destruction Lab

"A perfect fit" says BDC Capital
Ken McGuffin and Brianna Goldberg

Creative Destruction Lab, an elite startup accelerator at the University of Toronto, will receive a major boost over the next three years as it teams up with influential crown corporation BDC Capital, a leading investor in emerging business in Canada.

U of T scholars lead in prestigious graduate and post-doctoral research awards

Innovations range from injectable heart patches to HIV-battling chickenpox viruses
Erin Vollick with files from Shujanaa Mahendrarajah

They’re trying to cure AIDS and cancer, improve teaching methods and mend damaged hearts. And they’ve just received some very prestigious support for their work.

The Government of Canada announced this year’s Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships and Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships August 14 and the list includes 34 doctoral students and post-doctoral fellows from the University of Toronto − the most in the country. 

University of Toronto ranked first in Canada, 24th in the world

U of T’s strong academic and research performance continues to rank among the best in the world, according to new global ranking report
Liz Do

The University of Toronto is the top university in Canada and one of the best in the world, reports the Shanghai Jiao Tong University’s Academic Ranking of World Universities 2014.

This year, the prestigious ranking – which analyzes the top universities worldwide on research output, the quality of faculty and the quality of education – placed U of T 24th in the world, up from 28th in 2013. Harvard University remained the top-ranked university.

U of T's Alex Goodman is first Canadian to win Montreux international guitar competition

Alumnus takes first prize and Public's Choice Award
Tyler Greenleaf

University of Toronto Faculty of Music alumnus Alex Goodman is the first Canadian ever to win first prize and the Public's Choice Award at the Montreux Jazz Festival International Guitar Competition.

The prestigious competition accepts applications from around the world, selecting ten guitarists to compete in the semi-finals in July. Three musicians made it into the final round: Goodman, Columbia’s Andres Corredor and Israel’’s Yoav Eshed.

Five frequently asked questions about Toronto’s finances

"Toronto has not had a spending problem, and programs and services appear to be relatively efficient"

What should Toronto’s mayoral and council candidates – and the city's voters – understand about the city’s finances?

How about the fact that Toronto has no spending problem and its debt is “relatively modest” but the city can’t maintain its infrastructure (let alone build new) without more revenue?

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